Sustainable house.

Whether you're planning to build or renovate, whether you in live in an apartment or a house, Sustainable House is the essential guide to help you achieve an environmentally friendly home. It includes advice on converting your kitchen, bathroom, water supply, energy, waste system and garden, as well as tips for working with councils, builders and engineers, and the costs and benefits associated with making your home sustainable.

First published in 1998, this long-awaited second edition covers the revolutions that have since occurred in sustainable housing, and, critically, includes the author's assessment on technologies and materials used in his own ground-breaking Sustainable House 14 years after installation. Michael Mobbs tells you what pitfalls to look out for and how to choose the best systems, products and suppliers.

For the first time we can see what happens in a sustainable house after 14 years of use. Did the solar panels last? Is rainwater in the city safe to drink? How has the garden handled over one million litres of treated sewage?

Michael Mobbs



Sustainable food.

At its best, the idea that we can grow food in the street applies to every street and lane in every city; examples and options include narrow and wide streets, streets with no verge and streets mostly in shadow.

So the picture painted here applies to any person in any street; all you have to do is work out which options suit you.

Michael Mobbs



The Choice Guide to Food.

Did you know that two eggs have less saturated fat than the 'unsaturated' margarine the average person spreads on their toast? Or that Australians throw out 7.5 million tonnes of food each year - enough for three hearty meals for 13.6 million people?

Food has become complicated. Every time we go shopping we're confronted by an overwhelming amount of choice and information. Eggs - yes or no? What's the latest superfood? How many food miles has our shopping trolley clocked up? Are organic foods worth the extra money?

Rosemary Stanton, Australia's most respected nutritionist, takes a critical look at the key foods, drinks and supplements that line our supermarket shelves, weighs up the nutritional benefits (or concerns) and differing theories and associated environmental costs, and provides commonsense advice to help make shopping and eating simpler, healthier, cheaper and more sustainable.

About the Author

Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM is one of Australia's best-known nutritionists.

Author of many scientific papers on various nutrition and public health topics, 31 books and over 3000 articles for magazines and newspapers, Stanton is a regular presenter on television, a frequent guest on radio programs and a popular lecturer

Dr Rosemary Stanton



Warm House Cool House

"Warm House Cool House simplifies the science behind low-energy housing design... and suggests inspiring and achievable ways to apply energy-efficient methods to new and existing homes." - Jamie Durie

We all want to minimise our environmental impact, but we don't always know how. In this new edition of the bestselling Warm House Cool House, respected Australian architect Nick Hollo provides valuable advice, illustrated by more than 100 inspiring contemporary examples of low-energy housing design, to help keep our homes cool in summer and warm in winter with little or no cooling and heating by appliances.

The book shows how we can live comfortably without airconditioning in Far North Queensland, be cosy and bushfire-proof in the Australian Alps, and cope with temperature fluctuations in cities like Melbourne and Adelaide. From project and kit homes to new architect-designed houses, renovations and extensions, these low-energy principles can easily be incorporated into every home.

Whether you are planning to renovate, build or buy, this book offers clever ideas on how to make any house, anywhere, an environmentally sustainable, comfortable and attractive place to live in, all year round, while keeping electricity, gas and water bills comfortably low.

Nick Hollo



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