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Did you know that two eggs have less saturated fat than the ‘unsaturated’ margarine the average person spreads on their toast? Or that Australians throw out 7.5 million tonnes of food each year – enough for three hearty meals for 13.6 million people? Food has become complicated. Every time we go shopping we’re confronted by an overwhelming amount of choice and information. Eggs — yes or no? What’s the latest superfood? How many food miles has our shopping trolley clocked up? Are organic foods worth the extra money? Rosemary Stanton, Australia’s most respected nutritionist, takes a critical look at the key foods, drinks and supplements that line our supermarket shelves, weighs up the nutritional benefits (or concerns) and differing theories and associated environmental costs, and provides commonsense advice to help make shopping and eating simpler, healthier, cheaper and more sustainable.

About the Author(s)

Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM is one of Australia’s best-known nutritionists. Author of many scientific papers on various nutrition and public health topics, 31 books and over 3000 articles for magazines and newspapers, Stanton is a regular presenter on television, a frequent guest on radio programs and a popular lecturer.